Wiley-TIES Best Paper Award

This award was established in 2014, in conjunction with Professor W. Piegorsch - the Editor-in-Chief of Environmetrics. All regular submissions to the journal accepted in 2018 were considered for the award.

The winning paper:

The International Environmetrics Society (TIES) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1989 with the purpose of promoting the development and use of quantitative models and methods in solving environmental problems by scientists such as statisticians, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists.

Year Winner Title of Paper
2018 Joshua Hewitt, Jennifer A. Hoeting, James M. Done and Erin Towler Remote effects spatial process models for modeling teleconnections
2017 K. Gallacher, C. Miller, E. M. Scott, R. Willows, L. Pope, J. Douglass Flow-directed PCA for monitoring networks
2016 Patrick L. McDermott, Christopher K. Wikle A model-based approach for analog spatio-temporal dynamic forecasting
2015 Jo M. Kaczmarska, Valerie S. Isham, and Paul Northrop Local generalised method of moments: an application to point process-based rainfall models
2014 M.J.  Heaton, M. Katzfuss, C. Berrett, and D.W.  Nychka Constructing valid spatial processes on the sphere using kernel convolutions

The list of winners on Wiley Webpage is available here

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