Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator's Award (Formerly Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator's Award)

The award was established through a motion of the Board of Directors in 2001 and subsequent definition of the nature of the award. The motion reads:

’Whereas I [ Francis Philbert] vividly recall Abdel's (along with [others']) pioneering efforts in initiating and organizing the first TIES conference held in Cairo, Egypt, April 4-7, 1989; And whereas Abdel has been the Society’s president from its inception until 2000, with his name becoming synonymous with the acronym “TIES”; And whereas Abdel has done an outstanding job in shepherding the Society in its formative years and he has been instrumental in establishing it as the stable and well recognized society that it is today; I move that as a fitting recognition of, and show of appreciation for, Abdel’s outstanding contribution and dedication to TIES, he be honoured by our establishment of an annual award or lectureship in his name.”

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See the List of Winners.

TIES-Wiley Presentation Awards

To be eligible for the Best Student Presentation Award, the paper must represent work accomplished as a student and be presented at the TIES conference by the student. The research must have relevance to environmetrics. The paper may have co-authors, but the student should be the principal author and must be the presenter. No written paper is required.

In 2012, the TIES Board of Directors adopted the titles TIES-Wiley Best Student Presentation Award and TIES-Wiley Best Poster Award for the two categories of prizes that have been awarded to outstanding presenters at TIES conferences. See the respective list of winners: TIES-Wiley Best Student presentation Award and TIES-Wiley Best Poster Award.

Wiley-TIES Best Paper Award

This award was established in 2014, in conjunction with Professor W. Piegorsch - the Editor-in-Chief of Environmetrics. All regular submissions to the journal accepted during the corresponding year, are considered for the award.

See the respective list of winners: Wiley-TIES Best Paper Award.

Sylvia Esterby and Ian McNeill Presentation Awards

In TIES 2018, two other awards were announced namely the Sylvia Esterby Presentation Award the Ian McNeill Presentation Award

Other Awards at TIES Conference

These awards are given in addition to the above. See the List of Winners.

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