TIES 2020 Virtual Conference

Frontiers in Statistics, Epidemiology and the Environment

Virtual Conference: December 2-4, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemics outbreak at the beginning of year 2020, it is even more evident that human, animal and ecosystem health equilibrium disruptions, can occur as a consequence of several interacting factors including  poor population lifestyles enhancing negative health pre-conditions; deforestation and removal of many animal species habitats as a consequence or urban and agricultural areas expansion; biodiversity decrease as a result of climate change and land use change; wildlife animals consumption and illegal trade easing animal viruses spillover onto humas; water scarcity and water quality degradation concomitant with poor sanitary conditions triggering water-borne diseases; poor air quality conditions enhancing mortality rate on more vulnerable population groups. These complex causal-effect interactions need to be unveiled, understood, quantified and modeled, in order to improve preparedness to overcome the huge social and economic impacts of infectious diseases in the future. Appropriate statistical methods and data science tools including machine learning methods, need to be made accessible to a wider scientific community in other areas, lying on the frontier between statistics, epidemiology and environmental sciences. In this conference, a highly qualified group of experts will attempt to bridge this gap, exposing the need to use appropriate data analysis and modelling tools to quantify the several causal-effect interactions that might alter human, animal and ecosystem health. The aim of the conference is to provide a space for networking among specialists in these fields and to open opportunities for young researches to understand the value of cross-disciplinary research in order to solve the most pressing problems of our society. Welcome to Frontiers in Statistics, Epidemiology and the Environment conference!

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