Welcome to “strengthening_TIES”

... a mailing list for The International Environmetrics Society (TIES)

What is “strengthening_TIES"?

“strengthening_TIES” is a mailing list which reaches people globally, who have an interest in statistical and other quantitative methods in the environmental sciences, environmental engineering and environmental monitoring and protection. Membership of the list is open to any interested person who chooses to subscribe. List members include stakeholders from universities, government and private enterprise. The list has been in operation since October 2014.

How do I join "strengthening_TIES"?

Click Subscribe to receive TIES updates. You will receive by return email a verification message which requires you to email back a security code. To confirm your request open the email and click the link therein.

How do I leave "strengthening_TIES"?

Click Unsubscribe from our Newsletters link.

How do I post to "strengthening_TIES"?

To post to "strengthening_TIES", you must be a list member, so make sure you join the list first. Send a message to secretary@environmetrics.org and use a brief informative subject header after "Str_TIES: ". Please do NOT use this address to unsubscribe!

What may I post to "strengthening_TIES"?

Any information which may reasonably be thought to be of interest to The International Environmetrics Society (TIES) community may be posted. This includes job advertisements and conference announcements, to name just two possibilities. Please do NOT post attachments to the list!

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