A meeting of delegates of the April 1989 Conference on Environmetrics in Cairo, Egypt, was called to discuss the formation of an environmetrics society. At that meeting the decision to form a society was made and the name, The International Environmetrics Society (TIES), was chosen. A.H. El-Shaarawi was elected President and I.B. MacNeill, Vice-President, and they were given the mandate to choose other members of an interim Board of Directors and to prepare a draft of a constitution for the new society. P.M. Berthouex (U.S.A.), S.R. Esterby (Canada), J.S. Hunter (U.S.A.), W.O. Pipes (U.S.A.), W.A. Rieger (Australia) and R. Viertl (Austria) accepted the invitation of the President to join the Board of Directors. A draft constitution, prepared by the Board under the coordination of S.R. Esterby, was accepted in principle at a meeting of delegates of the 1990 Conference on Environmetrics in Tremezzo, Italy. This document provided TIES with the set of objectives given above and formed the basis for the By-Law of TIES. The application by the Board, coordinated by A.H. El-Shaarawi and S.R. Esterby, for incorporation of TIES as a nonprofit corporation was accepted by Consumer and Corporate Affairs Canada May 11, 1993.

These objectives are being met through the organization of Environmetrics conferences, the adoption of Environmetrics as the official journal of TIES, the inception of an organized membership, and a 1993 membership directory. The publication of a newsletter commenced in December 1994. Environmetrics, with Editor-in-Chief A.H. El-Shaarawi, is in its 20th year of publication in 2009. Environmetrics has aims and scope compatible and synchronously formulated with those of TIES. Click the Environmetrics button on the left to access the journal homepage.

The Environmetrics conferences have been attended by individuals from many countries and many disciplines. They have been highly successful in providing a formal means of exchanging ideas and, perhaps more importantly, in providing an atmosphere conductive to informal discussion. Click the TIES and ISI Meetings button on the left to access information on TIES conferences.

In 2008, TIES officially became a section (now known as an association) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).

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