AEEI 2020 Call for Nominations

Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator Award (AEEI)– 2020

The Abdel El-Shaarawi Early Investigator (AEEI) Award 2020 was established by the TIES Board in order to recognize and honor early investigators who have made outstanding contributions to the development of statistical and/or quantitative approaches for research in the environmental sciences. The prestigious AEEI award 2020 is granted to a researcher, who is a TIES member for years 2019 and 2020, and has received their PhD within 12 years of the submission deadline (31st of January 2020) for nominations

The ceremony will be at the ISI 2020 TIES Conference after the nominee’s scientific presentation.

The award carries with it: a certificate and a substantial contribution towards travel for participating in the conference at which it is awarded.

The award is made solely based on nominations received by the President of TIES before 31st of January 2020.

The following are the criteria for assessing outstanding contributions made by a nominee.

[A=30%] Outstanding contribution to environmental statistical and quantitative research with quality and impact as proved by the number and the reputation level of publications in the statistical literature.

[B=30%] Strong interdisciplinary work for solving important environmental problems, as proved by high reputation interdisciplinary publications and research projects.

[C=20%]Contribution to the Environmetrics community, as proved by the organisation of courses and conferences, and professional development in the field of Environmetrics.

[D=20%] Contribution to TIES, as proved by, for example, number of years of membership, participation to TIES conferences or courses, organisation of TIES conferences/courses or invited sessions, contributions to the board.

The nomination form, which includes information on the requirements for the nomination and submission details, is available at the following link:

Link to the nomination word form.